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More Education? I don’t think so!

Living in Madison, Wisconsin, I get so sick & tired of hearing how we need to “educate” our children of the dangers of drugs, drinking, ect.

When will people realize that it is NOT MORE education that these kids need!

Back 20-30 years ago-YES, to educate kids WAS needed!

But this is the information age, people!

Even kids as young as junior high, (& I dare say even younger), are fully aware of the dangers of drinking, drugs, smoking, ect. The media is flooded with ads about these, (in magazines, radio, & tv).

And then we have the web!

I don’t need to tell anyone how much time these kids today spend online!

There is more information about the dangers of drinking, drugs, smoking, ect, online than can even BEGIN to be comprehended!

These kids KNOW the dangers of all these! It is NOT education that they need!

What they need, is really very simple. They need to be taught JUST ONE simple principle that my parents taught me:

“You know what is right. You know what is wrong. You know what is good for you. You know what is bad for you. You have a brain-USE IT”!

People so ofthen blame the problem of these kids, of what is wrongly called-“peer-pressure”.

Peer pressure is nothing more than an excuse for saying:


That is the REAL REASON that these kids get into so much trouble today.

This is ALSO how my parents brought me up-with this philosophy!

This is for ALL parents of kids out there, particularly young kids!

Now people will say: “Well what about being popular with with the other kids”?

The one thing that i have learned while i grew up, is that popularity with the other kids, is nothing but a bunch of B.S.

Neither myself, nor my younger siblings, were EVER popular at school!

But we found those other kids, who thought & felt just like we did, and as a s result, none of us kids EVER did any drugs, smoked, (even though my dad smoked for years when we were kids), underage drank, & (I can only speak for myself here), never had premarital sex!

We all turned out just fine.


Because we were brought up with the ability to think FOR OURSELVES!

Because we were brought up with the ability to to do what we knew WHAT WAS RIGHT, instead of what everone ELSE was doing!

Now, I fully acknowledge that this kind of upbringing will not work for everyone, but don’t you think that the majpority of kids WOULD turn out right, if more parents actually took responsibility for their kids, instead of “passing the buck” tro anyone else?

Just a thought.


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