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Potential Scammers on MySpace!

I am sure that it will come as no surprise to those people who are members of the (used to be #1), the popular MySpace, that there are some real “gutter scum”, on that website!

The one disturbing fact about that social site, is that is is populated by scammers, virtually all from Africa!

Now there are those who will say that I am racist.

No, I am not. There were a great number of transplanted Africans at the church I used to go to, that I was very good friends with.

I have been a member of MySpace for quite some time, looking for a potential woman to share my life with.

But so far, I have encountered well over 2 DOZEN OR MORE, scammers, virtually all from Nigeria!


they all have some “sob story”, about how they need money for one thing or another!

And don’t be fooled people, these scum are experts at making it believable.

I know, because I was scammed myself-out of $150!

Now that may not sound like very much money, but when you consider that the most work that I can get is 12 hours A WEEK, that is a great deal of money!

I have to laugh at some of the things that they come up with in their initial introductions that they send you. Particularly when the say how “handsome” you are, are hysterical!

So as a service to all of you, I include these names & e-mail adresses of those who both are scammers, (the vast majority of these ARE), and potential scammers. For any of you who do belong to MySpace – BEWARE!

These people CANNOT be trusted!
(Sandra Bill)
(Ktie henson)
(Karolina Nelson)
(Don Gugbrr)
(Nancy Anderson)
(Rose Michaels)
(Clara Love)
(Rhonda Wakeman)
(Jessica Mandel)
(Karen Rego)
(Cathy Maine)
(Sandra Sexton)


If there is a very eloquent introduction sent to you, the odds are VERY GOOD, that they ARE Scammers!

Not always, but the majority of the time, they are.

To protect yourself from them, when you talk on Instant messanger with them, follow these steps:

1. Introduce yourself, & give the name of the city you are from. (Never give your last name!)

2. Ask them where THEY are from. (This is an innocent enough question, & will usually NOT arouse suspicion).

If they say that they are from Africa, or over in Africa:


More often than not, they WILL ask you for money!

It WILL happen!

Be careful!


2 Responses to “Potential Scammers on MySpace!”

  1. here are some more names!
    (Mary Rosicky)
    (Promise Alex)
    (Nancy Michaels)
    (Zainab Inusah)
    (Estelle James)

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