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Website recommendations!

For those of us who have even an inkling of what is on the Web, it can be every confusing as to what is good, & what is bad.


As a public service to everyone, I would like to offer MY best of the web!

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but just some of my favorite sites!  I am in NO WAY receiving any money for listing these sites, nor do I any connection in any way WITH these sites!


Let’s rock & roll!

The frst site that I have would probably be of interest to any millitary people.

It is the journey of an enlisted Navy man, & his efforts to be released from his enlistment, on the grounds of conscientious objection.

The site is called:


It is a riveting insiders look at the inner workings of the navy!

From the sublime to the ridiculous, we have this:


In particular, this part of the site is the best:

I think you will be able to figure it out!

Now, in the realm of music online, there is an incomprehensible amount of music available.

One of the giants in music is ITunes.

Even if you don’t have an IPhone, or IPod, you HAVE to download ITunes!

It is a free download at:

Just as far as different radio stations to listen to, ITunes Can’t BE BEAT!

Just click RADIO, & you will come up on a listing of all different genres of music.

There are literally hundreds & hundreds of both online & commercial radio stations that you can access from here. 

No matter what type of music you like, you will probably find what you like here! 

Not only that, but if you go to the ITunes store, & click Podcasts, you will literally find hundreds of podcasts on all different subjects, including a wide variety of different musical styles-almost all of them being FREE to download.  I have downloaded close to 4,000 of them to date!

Here are some other sites to check out for a wide variety of music to listen to: (Dance radio from Chicago) (Progressive, House, Trance  The” hardstyle” channel DOES have some rough language, & is NOT appropriate for under 18!)


Everyone who has a computer, HAS to have wallpaper for their computer!

Most sites have a good variety of different sizes, (the average size being 1024×768) resolution  

Some sites I would recommend are:

Now, for those of us with High resolution monitors,, (mine is 1280 x 800), here is the site that I really like:

Again, these are just suggestions, but I do my own small part in helping to wade through the confusion of millions of websites, with my humble suggestions!



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  1. Thank you so significantly for that extraordinarily initial class editorial!

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