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Finding Love on MySpace!

The Truth About MySpace!
I have been a member on MySpace, (under various names). for around 2 years.

I have been using it for finding a companion-so far with no success.

But the thing that I really found out about MySpace, is that there are a great number of what may look like potential mates, are in reality, mostly from Africa-particularly from Ghana or Nigeria.

Now, many will say that I am predjudiced. No I am not. The church where I used to go had a large number of transplanted Africans, & they were the nicest people you could ever meet.

But when you are looking online for love, (especially on MySpace), you have to be very, VERY careful of who you are talking to.

I have been orginizing my files on my computer, & coming across something interesting.

For those of us who use Yahoo IM, there is a feature where you can keep records of every conversation that you have on IM.

Although I wish that I had discovered this feature earlier, I have been keeping record of every conversation that I HAVE had on Yahoo IM, & come across the following facts:

1. Except for 1 person, everyone has lied on their profile about where they live.

Here are my totals of who I have talked to, since I have been keeping record.

10 of them wanted money. (Virtually all from Nigeria or Ghana, even though their profile said that they lived in the United States)

18 were from Africa, (although I could not determine what country), even though they had United States listed as where they lived on their profile.

33 were from Ghana, (as above)

8 were from Nigeria. (As above)

I know that there is virtually no way to check where these people REALLY LIVED, but a great deal of caution SHOULD be taken, when looking for love on MySpace.

As seen from my evidence, (and I have the actual IM conversations to back it up), One should NEVER trust any woman on MySpace, (with me being a guy), without first finding out where these woman REALLY are.

It would save a lot of heartache.


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